A Post For My Fellow Content Creators About The Haters

A Post For My Fellow Content Creators About The Haters

Last updated Sunday, June 11th 2023, at 12:20pm CET

It's a basic fact of life, the more talented and successful you are, the more haters you are likely to attract. Even if you're not a public figure, attention will go looking for you even if you don't go looking for it. Very annoying.

Last year I had to place the following notice on my LinkedIn profile to warn people about liars, scammers and frauds who claim to know me personally, and who also claim that they are somehow affiliated with my work on Be Brilliant and Connected Life Today. 

***IMPORTANT ALERT*** Watch out for scammers, liars, and frauds.

I placed a notice on my website in June 2022 but it's also good to place one here. There are certain very mentally unstable individuals who are desperate to be relevant and follow me obsessively (copycats, wannabe-me's, and other frauds). They're a menace to society who just cause chaos, and many content creators (for example people with a high-profile website like mine, or a major YouTube channel) have to deal with these trolls who can't create anything themselves.

So, please be aware that NO ONE is authorized to act or speak on my behalf in any way, shape, or form whatsoever. If you encounter someone who claims an affiliation with me, ask them to PROVE IT by arranging a Zoom call or an in-person meeting with me to corroborate their story. People who are truly part of my inner circle can get in touch with me instantly.


As I mentioned, there are many content creators who have to deal with these trolls, and in the videos below Rich Lopp sums up nicely who and what these people actually are. Couldn't have said it better myself. :) 

***IMPORTANT NOTICE***: I do not monetize my videos and I don't endorse any products from other channel owners, so you can IGNORE every single advertisement that is displayed by YouTube. YouTube is trying to capitalize on other people's work by placing ads on non-monetized videos, and as of today (January 10th, 2024) you can only watch 3 videos if you have an adblocker installed. To counteract these fascist practices I just download the videos that I want to watch (https://9convert.com/en3840), and I strongly advise that you boycott ALL YouTube advertisements by NOT following the links.


Update Sunday, June 11th 2023, last edited Tuesday, August 8th 2023

This is an informative episode of a podcast titled The Awakening Experience.


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