Be Brilliant - Important Notice

Be Brilliant - Important Notice

Posted Monday, May 29th 2023, at 19:24pm CET

Apparently the provider where I host Brilliant has "a new webhostingplatform" with "lots of extra features", and they're now in the process of migrating the websites that are hosted there to this new environment. You can read more about the transfer in this article if you're curious. (it's in Dutch but you can run it through a translator) My domain Brilliant is scheduled to be transferred on Wednesday, May 31st which means that the site will be offline for some time.

TransIp currently has an estimation of 15 minutes transfer time for each site depending on the size of the website, but since Be Brilliant is a huge website the transfer might take longer. The packages at TransIp are completely self-service which means that they do ZERO work on the websites that they host, but as I've found them to be incompetent and useless for what little they DO have to do, I am already in the process of selecting a new provider.

The site will go offline in the course of the day on Wednesday so don't worry when you see an offline message. I have countless back-ups of my website and I will be monitoring the transfer closely. I'll keep this announcement after the transfer has been successfully completed, because the notices on Be Brilliant are relevant for Connected Life Today as well.

These notices remain in effect AT ALL TIMES


Notice Update 26 June 2022

I’m writing a short update for this notice as there are STILL several psychotic individuals who try to convince people that they are affiliated with me and/or my website. Once again, I’m the sole owner of Be Brilliant and The Only Person On The Planet who knows the scheduled updates.

NO ONE ELSE works on or has information about my website, so just ignore ANYONE who tells you that they do. As I said before, the information that I’ve posted is still highly relevant and I will not add any updates for the foreseeable future. I have about a million other things to do  and advise you to DIY, i.e. Do Your Own Research if you want to learn more about the topics that I’ve covered.

If you encounter someone who claims to be affiliated with me and/or Be Brilliant, send me a WhatsApp message at +31(0) 6 539 86 136 and I will deal with these frauds.




I am writing this notice to save those of you who check back regularly to see if I have posted any updates some time. The content on my site is still highly relevant and I have therefore not planned any updates for the foreseeable future. I will only add information to existing content where needed, and I’ll fix broken links as soon as I get around to it.

I’m also writing this notice as it has come to my attention that there are individuals who like to pretend that they are somehow affiliated with my site, and/or have in some way contributed to the content, to make themselves seem interesting or intelligent. Just ignore these clowns as I am the only person on The Planet who does research for, maintains, and writes articles for Be Brilliant.

To those of you who only check back to see if you can find out what I’ve been up to, my only response is – Get A Life, seriously.



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