My Selfie!

My Selfie!

Posted Sunday, June 11th 2023, at 11:55am CET

You will not find me on any social media (..besides LinkedIn, which I only use for professional/business purposes) because, first and foremost, I'm an intensely private person, secondly, I simply do not have time to post on and monitor multiple social media accounts, and last but certainly not least, I am not going to feed the beast that is already consuming the intellectual capabilities of a large percentage of the population on the planet.

I do realize however that as I'm starting a small business, it might be interesting for people to know more about me so.......................tada!, this is my birth chart:

If you make an effort (..or find a really, really good astrologer), you'll get to know all about me. I'll give you a few clues, I'm a Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon, with Aquarius Rising (Ascendant). Have fun figuring out the rest! :-)

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