Connected Life Today Vlog #1: Hello World

Connected Life Today Vlog #1: Hello World

Posted Sunday, July 9th 2023, at 12:22pm CET

Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen. --- Robert Bresson

Yes, I fiiinally made a video log. :-) but apologies for the sound quality! My new vlog mic didn't work as expected, but the audio is slightly better if you use a headset. I'm going to use a different microphone for the next video.

***IMPORTANT NOTICE***: I do not monetize my videos and I don't endorse any products from other channel owners, so you can IGNORE every single advertisement that is displayed by YouTube. YouTube is trying to capitalize on other people's work by placing ads on non-monetized videos, and as of today (January 10th, 2024) you can only watch 3 videos if you have an adblocker installed. To counteract these fascist practices I just download the videos that I want to watch (, and I strongly advise that you boycott ALL YouTube advertisements by NOT following the links.


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