Spiritual Warriors

Spiritual Warriors

Posted Friday, September 22nd 2023, at 14:55pm CET

" He who is an ass and thinks himself a stag, finds his mistake when he comes to leap the ditch." -- Italian Proverb

I posted this article on the Community Tab on my YouTube channel a month ago, and I decided to also add it to the news section on the website.

I love martial arts, and the channelled message for today is that you have to realize, that some souls incarnated on Planet Earth as Spiritual Warriors, who are backed-up by Non-Physical Energies at the same and higher levels.

If you have to ASK if you incarnated as a Spiritual Warrior in this lifetime, you haven't.

The moral of the story is, never judge a book by its cover and choose your enemies wisely, for you never know who you are really up against. What you put out, will always be what you get back.

A few videos for those of you who don't know what Qigong is, and what Shaolin Warrior Monks are capable of:

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