Top 5 Tarot & Oracle Decks for Beginners

Top 5 Tarot & Oracle Decks for Beginners

Last updated Sunday, February 25th 2024, at 11:20pm CET

Posted Wednesday, February 14th 2024, at 18:08pm CET

If you'd like to start developing your intuition or explore what it feels like to read energy, and remember everyone can do this! :), these are the top 5 tarot and oracle decks that I recommend. Please note that I am NOT affiliated with any of the creators, publishers or sellers of these decks, but I'm posting them here as these decks might be helpful to you on your spiritual journey. 

Top 5 Tarot Decks for Beginners:

1) The Keyword Tarot

2) Learning Tarot Cards (deck with keywords)

3)  The AstroMatrix Tarot

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4) The Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck

5) The Golden Art Nouveau Tarot

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Top 5 Oracle Decks for Beginners: 

1) Yin Yang Oracle Cards

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2) Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards

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3)  The Tao Oracle

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4) Akashic Truth Oracle Card Deck

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5) What's The Tea Oracle Deck

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Also recommended:

Shadow Spirit Self Oracle Deck

Haters Exposed

Lie Detector/Truth Revealing Cards


Update Sunday, February 25th 2024, at 11:20pm

I already mentioned these books on Be Brilliant several years ago and I'm posting the titles again in this article, as the content of these books is highly relevant to understanding the kinds of energies that can show up in your readings. Don't be spiritually naïve and think that everyone around you is made of love and light because they simply aren't. That's just a basic fact of life.

Book: People of The Lie by M. Scott Peck, M.D. 

Book: Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work by Paul Babiak, Ph.D. & Robert D. Hare, Ph.D.

Post of Wednesday February 14th 2024 continued:

Please remember: when you do your own readings, always clearly state the intention that you only want to connect to the highest frequencies of Love and Light. This is just to ensure that you don't connect to any low vibrational energies that are flying around, that might want to steer you off course.

Have fun with exploring the decks and the energetic field around you. You might be surprised when you find out who and what is active in your vibration.

And last but not least, even though I think Valentine's day was made up by merchants to sell flowers and chocolate ;-), any day that is an Ode to Love is worth celebrating in my book, soooo Happy Valentine's Day from Connected Life Today!

A classic by Bette Midler

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